30 May 2013

One Epic Knight v1.3.14 ARMv6 apk

One Epic Knight v1.3.14 ARMv6 apk 

Are you looking for a game that leaves you feeling EPIC? Look no further than this all-new take on the endless run genre!
Dive into an endless dungeon of crazy traps, chasms and creatures in pursuit of almighty loot! There's plenty to find, but one misstep and it's all over.
★ Endless game play that becomes increasingly crazy as you go!
★ Simple swipe controls!
★ Increase your Epicness with power-ups, potions and outfits!
★ Hilarious play-by-plays from the Epic Knight himself!
★ Don't just dodge danger- crash through obstacles and creatures!
★ Tons of Achievements!
Did you love Tiny Heroes, our acclaimed Dungeon Defense game, but hate the Epic Knight who kept smashing your beautifully constructed defenses? Well now YOU are the Epic Knight and the dungeon is yours for the taking!

Download (Armv6 and Armv7

Install apk and play
Ported to ARMv6 by Droidchicken.com

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